Carbon Trust Standard

The Moorfields Pharmaceuticals manufacturing site has been reaccredited with the Carbon Trust Standard after measuring and reducing its carbon emissions by 11.5% [relative to turnover]. This reflects Moorfields Pharmaceuticals continued commitment at responding to climate change through governance, carbon accounting and management.

The compliance period was from 1st January 2012 to the 31st December 2013. The certification is valid until the end of 2015.

The Carbon Trust Standard is the world’s first carbon award that requires organisations to measure, manage and reduce their carbon emissions. Organisations are rewarded for genuine actions they’ve taken to cut carbon across their own operations. Moorfields Pharmaceuticals are the 7th health care and pharmaceuticals organisation in the UK to achieve the Carbon Trust Standard Certification.

“We’re delighted to have achieved the Carbon Trust Standard. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing is an energy intensive industry and it’s great to receive formal recognition for the work we have done to increase our energy efficiency. To be able to communicate to our clients, suppliers and the Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust that we have significantly lowered our impact on the environment is a very good position to be in. Making our organisation more cost effective while increasing our environmental credentials is a double win. We see our accreditation by the Carbon Trust Standard as a first and important step in reducing the impact our organisation has on the world around us and we are committed to reduce our carbon emissions still further”.      Jeroen de Vreeze, Operations Manager, Moorfields Pharmaceuticals

“We congratulate Moorfields Pharmaceuticals on their certification. As only the 7th health care and pharmaceuticals organisation in the UK to achieve The Carbon Trust Standard, it’s great to see them taking a lead in reducing their impact on climate change”. Harry Morrison, General Manager, The Carbon Trust Standard


The Carbon Trust Standard

All businesses and organisations, both in the UK and internationally, are eligible to apply for the Carbon Trust Standard including FTSEs, mid caps, SMEs and public sector organisations. Organisations that are awarded the Carbon Trust Standard hold it for a two year period and to maintain the certification they must reapply and demonstrate that they have continued to make year-on-year reductions in their carbon emissions.

Organisations wanting information about getting the Carbon Trust Standard can call: 0800 019 1443 or visit

Through a commitment to continually reducing their carbon footprint, Carbon Trust Standard achievers have together cut their emissions by 2 million tonnes of CO2.


The Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust is an independent company set up in 2001 by the Government in response to the threat of climate change, to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy. We work with organisations to reduce carbon emissions and develop commercial low carbon technologies.

For more information on the Carbon Trust visit or call the Carbon Trust Advice Line on 0800 085 2005.