HPMC 2% Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Ophthalmic Solution

MoorVisc® HPMC 2% is a CE marked medical device from Rayner Pharmaceuticals. MoorVisc® HPMC 2% is presented in a prefilled syringe. It offers the surgeon a dispersive OVD with low viscosity, ideal for coating and protecting the eye during anterior surgery.


About MoorVisc® HPMC 2%

HPMC exhibits moderate viscoelasticity, with retentive (“stays in place”), but also excellent dispersive (“coating ability”) properties. Has the ability to offer good space maintenance and excellent tissue protection throughout the ophthalmic procedure.

 - Low molecular weight and low surface tension

 - High concentration of HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose)

 - Non-antigenic (allergic)

 - Non-pyrogenic

 - Completely transparent


Key product features of MoorVisc® HPMC 2%:

  • Sterile pre-filled syringe supplied with 23G cannula
  • 2.00 ml luer-lock glass syringe
  • Preservative-free
  • Blister packaging for extra protection
  • Ambient storage. No refrigeration needed


How to get MoorVisc® HPMC 2%

If you are a UK healthcare professional, MoorVisc® HPMC 2% can be ordered directly from Alloga UK.

Please contact the Customer Service Team on +44(0)20 7684 9090 (option 1).


Product information

Product name:

MoorVisc® HPMC 2% w/v Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Ophthalmic Solution

Pack Size:

Carton containing 2.00 ml Syringe

Legal Category:

CE 0120 - Medical Device

Shelf Life:

2 Years from manufacture


A sterile 23G CE marked cannula is provided


Store between 2 and 25ºC


Between 6.8 - 7.6

Viscosity at rest:

Viscosity at zero shear rate (rest) is approx 4,500 to 9,500mPas.