A cost-effective, prescribable, preservative free multi-dose Sodium Chloride 5% solution for the alleviation of the symptoms of corneal oedema.

PF DROPS™ Sodium Chloride 5%, presented in an innovative and patented Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser (OSD), is a hypertonic ophthalmic solution indicated for the temporary alleviation of corneal oedema symptoms.

The OSD is an easy-to-use and reliable eye drop bottle which effectively prevents microbial contamination of the sterile contents for up to 2 months after first use, allowing a truly preservative free formulation.

The Key features of PF DROPS™ Sodium Chloride 5% Eye Drops are:

·       Prescribable CE marked medical device for corneal oedema symptoms

·       In-use life 2 months from opening

·       Preservative free

·       Phosphate free

·       Multi-dose Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser (OSD)


Product information

Product name:

PF DROPS™ Sodium Chloride 5% Eye Drops 

Pack Size:

10 ml multi-dose bottle (OSD)

Legal Category:

CE 0426 - Medical Device

Pip Code: