Territory Managers

Moorfields Pharmaceuticals have a dedicated and dynamic sales and marketing team who now cover the whole of the U.K. to help raise the awareness of our range of products and services.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our Territory Managers. Please feel free to contact them to ask any questions or to arrange an appointment.

Annabel Clements

  Devon, Cornwall and the South West

  m: +44(0)78 3471 1058

  e: annabel.clements@moorfields.nhs.uk

Belinda Merrilees

  Scotland, Northern Ireland & North England

  m: +44(0)75 9508 2175

  e: belinda.merrilees@moorfields.nhs.uk

Kathryn Hobson

  South London and the South East

  m: +44(0)78 5092 6899

  e: kathryn.hobson@moorfields.nhs.uk

Kevin Tallon

  North East England

  m: +44(0)75 9048 6466

  e: kevin.tallon@moorfields.nhs.uk

Sarita Jogi

  North London and the Home Counties

  m: +44(0)78 9458 6273

  e: sarita.jogi@moorfields.nhs.uk

Suse Eapen

  North West England

  m: +44(0)75 9048 6465

  e: suse.eapen@moorfields.nhs.uk



For any other enquiries;

Rupert Sargeant                                                                  

Sales & Key Account Manager                                                                      

m: +44(0)77 1308 0491 

e: rupert.sargeant@moorfields.nhs.uk      

Manuel Kirk                                                                  

International Sales Manager                                                                      

m: +44(0)78 7683 3049                                                                               

e: manuel.kirk@moorfields.nhs.uk